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VAT Refunds

VAT Refunds

One of Our companies services is assistance with Value-added Tax (VAT) Refunds. It deserves to be highlighted because foreign business companies could be owed up to 20% of the amount spent on business trips to UK.

EU and Non-EU businesses visiting the UK – Getting VAT Refunds

If you buy goods or services for your business in the UK, you may have to pay VAT on them. You may be able to reclaim the VAT you paid in the UK if you’re registered as a business in your own country, and bought the goods or services to use in your business.

What you can reclaim VAT on

You can use the scheme to reclaim VAT on certain goods and services you buy for business use in the UK, including:

  • accommodation and meals
  • trade fairs
  • travel costs
  • car rental (but please note you can only reclaim 50 per cent of the VAT charged for hiring or leasing a motor car)
  • other goods and services you buy and use in the UK

What you can’t reclaim VAT on

You can’t use the Refund Scheme to reclaim VAT on goods or services you buy for resale. This might include things like hotel accommodation you buy to resell.

Also you can’t reclaim VAT on:

  • the purchase of a motor car
  • goods and services used for business entertainment
  • goods and services used for non-business activities
The tax return works in reverse too. If you are a business registered in UK and are/was purchasing goods or services for your business in other EU countries, you are entitled in claiming some of the VAT back.   

Goods and services you can’t use the scheme for

You can’t use the Refund Scheme to reclaim VAT on:

  • goods you bring in from another EU country (these are called ‘acquisitions’)
  • goods or services you buy for resale

You can use the Refund Scheme for anything else you buy for your business.

Here at 7E’s we have experienced tax professionals who will refund you any tax incurred in any of the European Countries. Whether you own a business outside the EU, in EU or UK. (Subject to government requirements. What you can reclaim depends on the other country’s rules for claiming input tax.)

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